1. Date of establishment of diplomatic relations with Vietnam: 21/10/1999

    The two countries have exchanged the following delegations:
    From the Saudi Arabia: An ambassadorial level delegation headed by Mr. Al Khurasi from 31st January to 2nd February 2000; a delegation headed by Minister of State H.E. Nizar Bin Obaid Madani from 23rd – 25th May 2006.
    From Vietnam: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Van Nganh (May 2001), and Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Hang (20th – 24th January 2006).
    The two countries signed the General Agreement on Cooperation in economics, trade, investment and technology on 25th May 2006.
    The bilateral trade between Vietnam and Saudi Arabia reached 100 million USD in 2005 (of which Vietnam exported 21 million USD) and 139 million USD in 2006. Currently around 500 Vietnamese are working in Saudi Arabia.

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